Does food addiction exist?

Close your eyes and think about your favourite food, the one you most enjoy eating because it’s the tastiest. Think about that moment when it enters your mouth: you savour the flavour, you bite into it and slowly start chewing, perceiving that complex in-mouth aroma, and then you swallow, sensing the wonderful aftertaste that lingers for some time. Think about the enjoyment you’d get from savouring that intense and pleasurable taste. Ok, stop there. Now, with this in mind, ask yourself the following question: if you’ve got that food somewhere in your kitchen, are you capable of staying where you are right now and forgetting about it or are you prepared to get up and go and do whatever’s necessary to get your hands on it? Do you feel almost uncontrollable cravings for certain foods? Is this the exception or the rule for you, and do you live it with only one or more than one particular food?